March 22, 2024

How to Escape Mediocrity (The One Habit)

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The quickest route to a hollow existence?
Follow the path others set for you.

Question nothing. Never move outside your comfort zone.
Follow the trodden path, seemingly safe, yet the most dangerous of all.

Shun life’s true essence: the trials, the errors, the depth.
The gravest error is to fear making any.

This is the life of the masses: superficial, repetitive, learning only the lessons of past conformity.

Marking time, day in, day out. Numbing thoughts against tomorrow's dullness.

It's to accept what others deem as reality altogether.

I, too, was once ensnared in a life of mediocrity.
Stick with me, and you'll discover how to never settle for average again.

Grasp this truth — mediocrity breeds mediocrity.
To accept less in life is to embrace a slow death.

Your way out of this void is closer than you think.

Rising above the ordinary life hinges on mastering the art of perception.

It's about truly understanding what you can change versus what you can't.

One of the toughest challenges you might face in life is learning to say "No."

No to expectations that don’t mirror your deepest values.
No to opportunities that veer you off your true course.
And no to distractions that fog your vision.

Saying "no" is a strong way to show what you care about.
It's a big step in making your own special spot in the world.

It’s in these moments of refusal where you lay the foundation for a life that’s authentically yours.

And sometimes, you must say "NO," even when the path less traveled is shrouded in uncertainty. It's really how you cultivate the courage to choose.

Cultivate the Courage to Choose

Choice is our sole possession in life.
Fail to make your own choices and you'll find they're made for you.

Choosing courage in your choices leads different path.
But it's scary, I get it. You can't be sure what will happen next.

Choosing courage means your outcome remains cloaked in uncertainty.

Being a savage means doing what you want, not what others say. You choose your own life path, even in defiance of others' opinions. This is the source of your true power to create, to attain high value and status.

I could dive into the "how" of building discipline, discussing themes from my other videos like facing pain, overcoming obstacles to win, and other key ideas.

Yet, I want to tap into the true energy and rhythm of life within you.

In life, you learn ways to think, act, and live.
It's like using a map or following a blueprint.

However, your current blueprint is imperfect, even broken.
If it were not, you would already embody and possess everything you aspire to be and have.

So, it's super important to get rid of the old programs.
To make space in your mind for new programs, better ones.

The focus shouldn't solely be on the "how" of discipline but rather on the "why"...

Why do you pursue your desires?
What drives your reasons and motivations?

Deep inside your mind is what you really want and why.
It helps turn your dreams into real things.
We just need to unlock it.

Without questioning your programming, you can't hope to change it. Changing your programming is hard, but it's how you get the best rewards.

These are some of the questioning to ask yourself:

1. What choices am I not making for myself?
2.  What do I truly want to create or achieve in my life?
3. What dreams do I want to turn into reality, and why?
4. Why am I pursuing my current goals? What motivates me?
5. What old beliefs or programs in my mind need to be replaced?
6. Am I following my own path or just doing what others tell me?
7. How can I start questioning the norms I've accepted without thought?
8. What aspects of my life reflect the programming I received from others?
9. How does my current way of thinking and acting reflect what I learned growing up?

Questioning yourself is about digging into the unseen scripts that quietly run in the back of your mind.

To make dreams real, it's not about finding more time.
It's about being honest with how you use your time.
You need to be true when answering tough questions.

The life you think you're living is just a series of habits.
Habits you've trained yourself to follow without thinking.

It's in moments of pressure that you can choose to change. When you push past what your ego fears as "change," that's when you allow a higher version of yourself to take flight. And you uncover the truth.

If you don't stop to think about how you use your time and why you're doing it in the first place... you'll just end up doing what you think you have to do. This is a trick to keep you on the same old path, stopping you from asking big questions or aiming higher because it's all you know.

Young people often find it easier to not get caught up in all the "must-dos" that adults think are so important. Time keeps moving, but your mind wants a break from the same old thing every day.

Once more, the secret lies in revealing your programming.

Even if you feel stuck, there's always hope. To really do amazing things, you need to look past what you want right now and what everyone else thinks is important.

As much as I wish I could show you the path to the promise land, there is no such path.

The transformation into a force to be reckoned with is not taught but discovered. As you open yourself to learning, you begin by mimicking. Through this process of emulation, comprehension and mastery emerge.

Don't wait any longer.
Tomorrow is uncertain.
The time to begin is now.
Start pursuing your plans today.
Become a master — through action.

Trial and Learn.
Throw different things at the wall.
See what sticks. Keep the best, ditch the rest.

Experiment, analyze, optimize.
Your failures will tell you what works and what didn't.
Listen to what didn't work just as much as what did work.

At times, action is your teacher.
At others, it reshapes your very essence. ️️☯

Have an ALL IN Mentality!

Half-hearted attempts are doomed to fail.

Commit fully, with a "Play to Win" mindset, and success is inevitable every time.

Bad beliefs trap you. So shake them. Question them. Out with the old. In with the new. Want to master your mind? Learn to dance with your beliefs. Change them, and you change your reality.

Most people don't change because they want to have an excuse.
If you choose to change then you're not going to have something to blame.

Every single thing we do, even if it seems weird or bad for our goals, is just following old rules we've had for a long time.

Every action we take, even if it seems wrong or hurts our goals, is just following an old program we've been running for years.

Human beings possess six fundamental needs:

- An urge to grow
- A desire for variety
- A need for connection and love
- A craving for comfort or certainty
- A drive to contribute beyond oneself
- A longing to feel significant, unique, or special

At times, everyone feels like they're not good enough.

Feeling like you're not good enough or unloved hurts a lot, like there's a crack inside you. So, some people try to forget these sad feelings by eating too much, scrolling social media for hours, or finding other ways to run away from them.

What steps can one take towards transformation?

- Embark on a new project.
- Launch your own business.
- Dive into learning a new skill or hobby.
- Commit to a personal development plan.
- Practice mindfulness and gratitude (daily).
- Set clear, achievable goals and celebrate small victories.
- Seek out mentorship or join a community with similar goals.
- Engage in regular physical activity to boost mental and emotional well-being.
- Allocate time for reflection and self-assessment to understand and realign your priorities.

Now most big transformations involves some risk. You could fail. Which might make you look like your worthless, like you're not worthy.

In the subconscious mind we come up with ways to adapt that often times work against us.

When people dive into social media, spending an hour just scrolling for quick happy feelings, it changes how their body feels and works. This can make you go from stressed to chill super fast. But, you can get to this chill place without needing those short bursts of happiness from the screen (cheap dopamine as I like to call it).

Once you're addicted it becomes your "go to".

Some people stop smoking and then start eating too much.
Eating a lot makes you feel calm because it slows down your breathing.

But that's jumping from one bad habit to another.

Instead of finding calm in bad habits, you can get it by exercising. Exercise makes you strong and flexible.

There are good and bad ways to do things.
The best way is to be okay with not knowing what's next.
Doing the same thing all the time is boring.
Being open to new things makes life exciting.

I help people understand that stopping a bad habit isn't enough.
You need to replace it with a good one.
This helps change how your body works.

It's not just about stopping a bad habit.

You need to fill your time with things that make you happy and help you reach your dreams.

The "Chemistry of Transformation"

There are five key aspects or stages that facilitate significant personal change.

Understanding these stages can provide insight into how individuals can successfully navigate from a state of stagnation to one of growth and transformation.

1. Getting Bored: You start feeling bored. Even if nothing's wrong, things don't make you happy like they used to. You're ready for something new.

2. Feeling Unhappy: Now, you're not just bored; you're upset with how things are. You really want something different because you're not okay with staying the same.

3. Enough is Enough: You hit a point where you can't take it anymore. You're ready to shout, "I've had enough!" Now, change isn't just nice; it's a must.

4. Big Realization: You have a big "aha" moment. You see clearly what needs to change. This is your guide for what to do next.

5. Chance to Change: Finally, you see a chance to make a move. But you have to act fast. If you wait too long, the moment might pass, and you'll have to start over.

Knowing these steps can help you break free and grow.
It's about moving forward, not staying stuck.

You must look at the problem and seek to understand it.
If you don't you can go years living the same day, again and again.

All things are difficult before they are easy.

Instead of just trying harder, change how you think.
Then, doing things gets easier and soon feels natural.

Taking the easy way doesn't make you happy (long term).
Like tiny weights don't build muscles, real growth needs challenges.

Don't run from hard stuff.

I believe in a full life: health, money, love, and joy.

Grow by trying new things, not sticking to boring habits.

Growth is in human nature.
Uncomforted is where growth is found.

Many don't know what they want because they're scared to think big and step out. Being different feels scary, but it's how you find what you really want.

The truth is that where you find yourself at this moment in time you've not traled far off the beaten path. You haven't got lost in the unknown because to go off the path is as I've said scary.

Yet it is where you find all your power to create.

It's no wonder that you might feel lost or don't know what you want in life. It's because you've tried to solve your problem with the same level of mind that created the problem in the first place.

You don't know what you're capable of because you've never let go of who you are for who you can become.

You're not achieving your goals because you're looking at the world through a lens that limits what you think is real and possible.

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." — Anaïs Nin

You're wanting something that isn't what most people want and that's okay because you're not most people. Therefor, you shouldn't try to get it with the level of mind that you've been given.

Your true power is found in the sea of problems and pain. And until you set sail into it's storms you will forever be trying to explore but from a limited perspective.

Life is suffering. It’s not a curse, it’s a gift.

Many people have a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed.
Most are well aware of the effort required to manifest their best selves.

So why then do most not get what they want?


Most adopt the role of a victim.
Most have built up the habit to self-indulge.
Most waste countless hours in cheap dopamine.
Most lay in a blanket of self-pity and bush blame on others.

Instead of pursuing the highest potential they keep the same programing.

The reality here is this identity isn't "who you are" ... it's just a program.

The identity you have today is just a set of habits.
Habits that have been playing over and over for days, months, and years.

Honestly, It's just habits.

You must confront the challenges. To step forward and move outside your comfort zone is where all growths happens.

If not today? Then when?

Up to this moment you might have not been aware and responsibility wasn't yours. Now, now that you know it solely is your responsibility.

Having a victim mindset traps you in a cycle of complacency and mediocrity. Playing the victim is where the comfort of familiarity outweighs the rewards of achievement.

Let go of the victim.
Let in the savage.

No longer should you choose to feel sorry for yourself (regardless of what you've been through in your life). Instead let go of the circumstance and let in a new energy and higher vibration.

Release the limiting beliefs and embrace the boundless possibilities.

The higher truth is this...

To really change, it has to be part of who you are.
Change sticks when it's your identity.

Stop wishing it was easier, start becoming stronger.
Don't wait to have less problems, aim to level up your skills.
And instead of wanting fewer challenges, focus on getting wiser.
That’s the key. 🔑

Sometimes people tell me they've done something great for a few days. Like no smoking or sticking to a big challenge.

I ask them, "Why count the days? Are you just waiting to go back to old ways?"

Big goals, they're great to have them (I prefer a big vision).
But don't talk about your goals. Take action on them instead.  

And take action when no one is watching.
When you stop counting days and just take action — that's when you truly change.

Embody your new self by acting as if you are already that person.

Transformation begins with action.

Even when you reach your goal, you might not be fully happy.
That's because life is about growing, not staying the same.

Always be aiming for new, big dreams (it's why I like have a big vision).

Transformation demands more than just knowing what needs to be done; it requires an unyielding hunger to succeed. It involves breaking free from the shackles of victimhood and embracing the discomfort that accompanies change. Only through this relentless pursuit, fueled by a desire that burns brighter than the fear of failure, can one truly reach their full potential and bask in the glory of their accomplishments.

Most people don't experience life.
They experience the life they focus on.

Embrace your savage within by delving deeper, transcending the ordinary advice and expectations that confine your spirit. Set yourself apart from the majority by focusing on the higher truth that I've shared with you here today.

Your mind as a garden.
What you plant is what will grow.

Sow seeds of positivity, water them with gratitude, and remove the weeds of negativity. Nurture your mental space with as much care as a gardener tends his beloved plants, and watch as your inner sanctuary flourishes.

Now go be a savage!