March 16, 2024

The Dark Side of Drinking Water

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When I discovered what was truly in tap water, I couldn't bring myself to drink another glass.

I used to believe that tap water was just water—how wrong I was!

Clean water could be your most underestimated success ally.

In todays Letter we’ll dive into the secrets of water. What’s hiding in there? You’ll be surprised! You’ll discover why clean water is like a superhero for your success. Join me, and discover the amazing story of water!

Sadly, lots of people drink tap water.

Tap water has stuff we don't want, like chlorine and fluoride. It also has tiny bits of pharmaceuticals, heavy metals like lead, and chemicals like pesticides.

We use this water to drink, cook, and bathe.

We need cleaner water for our health.

People wonder why tap water has bad stuff like pharmaceuticals in it. Here’s why: People take pharmaceuticals and it goes into the water. The water doesn’t catch these tiny parts. So, they return to our tap water.

Pipes put metals and chemicals into the water. They add chlorine to kill germs. But drinking this tap water is bad if you want to stay healthy and live long.

Well water used to be clean and fresh.

Now, farming and factories make it dirty.

Bottled water is a deceptive veil of purity.

A big problem with water is there's no single right answer.

I studied water for many years. I learned from top doctors and experts. This made me know a lot. Today, I will share the deep knowledge about water.

I have a guide for you.

It will make your water better.

Better for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

It will help keep you healthy and feeling good.

Get ready for a health boost! 🌟 No need to spend years on water research - I’ve already done it! Let’s use these awesome findings to make you feel amazing, quickly and happily! 🚀💧💖

Getting Water Into The Cells

The issue at hand isn’t merely about consuming enough water.

I meet people who drink a lot.

They drink enough for their body size, but constantly visit the bathroom.

They wonder, "Is it too much?"

Others show swollen feet and ankles, not only from lacking water.

The main point? Water’s ability to soak into cells. It’s not about the amount you drink; it’s about cell absorption and use.

You can drink a lot. Without cell absorption, it’s useless. It won’t help your cells function right.

Let water be welcomed by each cell. This is crucial: how do we improve water absorption in our cells? Knowing this secret leads to better hydration and improved health.

Sea water is a gift from nature.

It's full of 92 important minerals, with lots of sodium and chloride.

Factories mess up sea salt.

They take away the good stuff, leaving bad salt that's not pure.

Table salt doesn’t have the helpful minerals that natural salts like Celtic or Himalayan do. Bad salt can lead to health problems like high blood pressure.

Our cells need balance. They use sodium and potassium to work right. Sodium stays mostly outside the cells; potassium stays mostly inside. They help cells use water and nutrients. They work together like a team. This helps keep a good balance. It lets cells stay hydrated and send signals properly.

Bad diets mess this up. Too little fruits and veggies and too much bad salt hurt our cells. It can make us sick with problems like high blood pressure.

Good salts like Celtic and Himalayan are the heroes. They save the good stuff that normal salt loses. Celtic salt, especially rich in magnesium—a mineral essential for cellular hydration—is particularly effective.

Before drinking water, put a small salt crystal on your tongue.

Your mouth will quickly absorb the minerals, like magnesium.

Don't mix salt in your water; put it directly on your tongue.

After it dissolves, drink a half cup of water.

Pick a good salt like Celtic salt.

It might cost more, but it's worth it.

You’ll feel better in a few days!

I drink a half glass of water when I wake up. Then, I drink another half glass after getting ready. This helps my body wake up and get ready for the day. I drink water throughout the day. I drink half a glass of water 30 minutes before meals. It helps my food digest better.

I don’t drink while I eat. It can make digestion harder. I drink before or after meals. This helps my body digest food better.

Drink water a bit before or after meals, not during. It helps your stomach work better. It breaks down food and takes in what it needs more easily. This way, your tummy is less likely to feel puffy or uncomfortable during and after eating.

Listen to your body. See how it reacts to different habits. Change your habits to help your body feel its best. This makes you healthier and happier overall.

Sip water slowly all day. Half cup here, half cup there. Don’t just drink a big glass all at once. This way, it becomes a simple daily habit. It also helps your body absorb water better, keeping your cells happy and hydrated.

Drink water slowly, all day. Too much at once means more bathroom trips.

Having a big water bottle helps. It’s a handy reminder to drink more. And, it makes sure you always have quality water.

I like to carry a reusable water bottle (I have a One Gallon Yeti Jug). The reason why I opted for the 1-gal is because it’s right at my optimal water intake based on my metrics.

Celtic salt contains 82 minerals. It’s a hand harvested type of sea salt. The minerals in the Celtic salt in their balanced form.

What about Himalayan salt? It's easier to find and cheaper. It has 70-75 minerals, which is good. But Celtic salt is my favorite.

Celtic salt has three types of magnesium. That’s what you want with your salt!

Cells need water to work right. Without enough water, cells get sick. This is called dehydration. Just drinking more water doesn’t always fix it. Water helps cells move stuff around and stay the right shape. Without water, cells can't do their jobs well.

Cells need water inside the cell to stay healthy.

Without water, cells start to shrink.

This is because water leaves the cells.

When cells shrink, they get weak and can become damaged easily. This happens when there is more stuff outside the cell and less water inside the cell.

Don’t drink soda to stay hydrated. Sodas with lots of sugar make us more thirsty, not less.

Pure, clean water is what you should be drinking.

Your body is made up of about 75% water.

Toxic waste in your body is the cause of most pain.

Your body used water to remove toxic waste.

Pure water removes waste in the body the best.

Water is super important.

Every living thing on earth depends on water.

It’s quite literally one of the most important things in life.

Water is crucial to healing and detoxification.

All the cells in our body are up to 99% water.

On a molecular level every one of those cells is surrounded by water.

Our bodies are magical, and science tells us that water is like a wizard’s potion for our cells! 🧙‍♂️ When we choose powerful, clean water, it’s like casting a spell for good health.

Your body is like a magic kingdom. Water travels everywhere, touching every part. We drink it, cook with it, and bathe in it. Clean water makes our kingdom strong and happy. It helps every part work well and stay healthy!

Life’s most vital elements:

  • We need oxygen the most. It is number one for life.
  • Water is second. We all need it to live.
  • Sodium is third. It's very important too.
  • Potassium is fourth. Life needs it!

Our water we drink becomes our blood.

So we need good clean water into our body and system.

So what’s the solution?

How do we get the best water?

How do we get proper hydration?

Water, water everywhere - yet, what to drink?

Water is the elixir if life.

I find two best ways to consume water.

One, drink it from nature’s springs.

Two, make it pure at home by distilling it.

Let’s chat about natural spring water first, then dive into making distilled water at home! 🚰✨

Rain makes spring water in a cool way. Rain goes through ground, soil, and rocks. This cleans the water naturally. The clean water stays in big spaces under the ground called aquifers. It can stay there for a very, very long time.

Water underground comes up to the top by itself. It moves through tiny paths in earth (called capillary action). When it comes out, we get fresh spring water from a natural spring.

Spring water is clean and fresh. It’s safe deep in the earth, away from toxins on top. This makes spring water the best for drinking and staying healthy.

Not all springs are the same. Some springs have dirty toxins like bad chemicals and germs. This makes the water not safe to drink. We should check if spring water is clean and safe before drinking. Choose water from safe springs for healthy and fresh water.

Now you can check for spring water through a site called

If you don't know if spring water is good, test it.

Use tools like a TDS meter to check minerals and a PH meter to check if the water is not too acid or too alkaline. Good water at any spring is key.

A TDS meter checks for salts, minerals, and metals in the water. Good spring water has a TDS level between 150-350 ppm. This means the water has helpful minerals but not too many. Too many minerals can taste bad and be unhealthy.

If the number is over 150, the water is hard. Drinking hard water for a long time can make parts of your body work harden and it can calcify the body. Not ideal to drink hard water.

A TDS meter tests water but not for everything.

It can’t find plastics, oil, or harmful chemicals in water.

To test for plastics, oil, or harmful chemicals in water you’ll need Lab Testing quality.

It’s simple:

  • Collect a water sample.
  • Make sure you use a clean container.
  • Send it to a water testing lab.
  • They’ll tell you the quality of the water

Now when it comes to PH levels, I like water that’s between 7 and 7.5. Below 7 is too acidic, and anything above 7 is alkaline.

Some machines make water alkaline. But they use metal plates. The metals go into the water. This is not natural. Alkaline water feels good at first. But, it won’t last forever. It’s not the best way to make your body alkaline.

Water is like a magnet. It catches bad stuff in our bodies like toxins and heavy metals. These bad things stick to the water. Then, we pee or poop them out. This helps to clean our bodies. So, good water helps us get rid of what our body doesn’t need.

Water has both positive and negative parts. The oxygen part is a bit negative. The hydrogen parts are a bit positive. This helps water attract and remove bad stuff from our bodies. So, water is like a cleaner inside us!

You need clean, pure water to wash away bad stuff from your body. If you drink tap water, it can put more bad stuff inside you.

Aside from natural spring water is using a distillation machine. It makes water pure and safe to drink!

People often ask, "Does distilled water take minerals from our bodies?" It's a big question!

The answer: Absolutely, not.

Research shows it doesn’t steal our important minerals.

Our bodies like minerals from plants best. Plants turn soil minerals into a kind our bodies can use. These minerals help make body fluids and blood. They also help build our bones and keep our nerves working right.

Not enough good minerals make our bodies and minds sick. We need minerals from plants to stay healthy and happy. Missing minerals (and or bad minerals) cause body problems.

Tap water has minerals our bodies can’t use well. These bad minerals can cause sickness and health problems like arthritis and diabetes. Hard tap water has lots of these bad minerals. If they stay in our bodies, they can block our arteries and harm us.

Tap water has stuff our bodies don’t like. Bottled water and filtered water do too. They have minerals that are hard for our bodies to use. These waters also have lots of contaminants. Tap water in the United States can have 350 to over 1000 parts of contaminants! This is not good for our health.

Our bodies like good minerals from food and clean water. Bad minerals in tap water or genetically modified food aren’t helpful. Drinking lots of tap water or GMO food doesn’t give our bodies the minerals they need.

If people say distilled water takes away minerals, don't worry. Just eat lots of healthy superfoods! You can put minerals back in the water too, if you want. I don't use mineral drops, but you can if it makes you feel better. But hey, the science says distilled water doesn't take away the good minerals we need.

Distilled water is very clean. It helps carry good minerals to our bodies. It doesn’t have the bad minerals found in tap water, GMOs, bottled water, filtered waters, and even some well water. Distilled water has zero contaminants, making it top choice for our health.

Drinking distilled water is good for us. It helps our bodies take in important nutrients easily. This makes our cells work better and keeps our bodies healthy and strong.

You should drink two types of water: natural spring water and distilled water. You can change between them every few weeks.

No natural water springs near you? Don’t worry! A company can bring big bottles of spring water to your door. They deliver in a lot of locations! I’ll link to them in the show notes the company I use and recommend.

Essential Tools & Recommended Resources for Perfect Water

The water you drink is a very important choice!

Not everyone can spend a lot of money. I get that. So…

I divided it into two groups: "Must Haves" and "Nice to Haves.”

So, don’t think you need to buy the biggest system.

You can choose one that fits your budget and needs!

I get lots of questions about water. Here’s where you’ll get answers!

Must Haves

Nice to Haves

  • Minerals — You don't have to, but you can put minerals and life energy into distilled water (see our special mix of minerals using this link).
  • Spring Water Delivery — Small Glass Bottles or Large Bulk Glass Jugs.
  • Whole Home Water Purification System — Good for showers and baths. It gives you total peace of mind.
  • Glass Containers — Good for collecting lots of spring water without using plastic. But, be careful! It can break if not handled gently.
  • Glass Container Handles — Needed for carrying multiple large containers to a natural spring for filling up.
  • Water Stackers *plastic — These water jugs are made of plastic, which isn't the best for distilled water. However, it's perfect for storing water and keeping it safe in case of emergencies. It's less expensive, stacks easily, and is stronger than glass.

Water Testing

  • Test my Tap Water — Empower yourself by visually assessing the quality of your home's tap water. This crucial step allows you to witness firsthand the condition of the water you consume daily. Knowing this gives you power and a wake up call!
  • TDS meter — It measures particles in water. You can test water from a natural spring or your home.
  • PH meter — It measures the alkalinity and acidity in water. You can test water from a natural spring or your home
  • Microbial Testing Kits — These kits find bad germs in water. It makes sure water is safe to drink. I use it to check new spring water before drinking.

I started drinking natural spring water and using Celtic salt, and it made me feel like a new person! Spring water is full of good energy that changed my health. Taking Celtic salt before drinking water has helped even more. It made the water work better and boosted my energy. I really recommend trying it for at least 90 days!

The same goes for distilled water. Distilled water tastes super fresh and crisp. You can feel it healing your body as it pulls so much garbage out of your body.

We are mostly water - 75%!

So, drink good and pure water.

People try many things to be healthy. They read books and learn a lot. But, don't forget about water. It's very, very important for our health and happiness. Change your water you will change your entire life!

Start with your water.

Forget all the other BS.